From disciplinarity to transdisciplinarity in concepts and definitions.

uni7Mokiy Vladimir, Director, Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies (Russia), 2016
Lukyanova Tatiana, Lead specialist, Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies (Russia), 2016

From disciplinarity to transdisciplinarity in concepts and definitions.

ABSTRACT: The success of modern science in solving complex multifactorial problems of nature and society largely depends on the integration of knowledge and methods of separate scientific disciplines. When the level of university science development comes up with the level of academic science, the search for the solution of integration problem of scientific disciplines has shifted to the university environment.

In recent years in Russia, conferences are increasingly held in which the participants are trying to carry out scientific research of framework and identification features of science interdisciplinary interaction, as well as to determine institutional foundations and prospects of interdisciplinary science development in the modern scientific space. In this respect All-Russian Scientific Conference "Interdisciplinarity in the modern social-humanitarian knowledge" has become indicative and taken place in Southern Federal University (SFU) in Rostov-on-Don in June 2016. Participants of this conference have succeeded in formulating and constructively discussing problems of interdisciplinary interactions as well as to disclose general requirements for interdisciplinary research and publications, especially in sciences of human and society. Solutions of some of these problems are seen by the authors of the article in clear and coherent content of certain scientific approaches to understand the world as well as in accepting their new classification.

Keywords:  Disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, transdisciplinary approach.

Reference: Mokiy V.S., Luk'janova T.A. From disciplinarity to transdisciplinarity in concepts and definitions. Universum: Social Sciences. 2016, no. 7 (25). Available at: (Accessed 28 July 2016). (In Russian).

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