From Disciplinarity to Transdisciplinarity in the Federal State Standards of Higher Education

socio4Mokiy Vladimir, Director, Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies (Russia), 2016
Mokiy Mikhail, Moscow State University of Management (Russia), 2016

From Disciplinarity to Transdisciplinarity in the Federal State Standards of Higher Education

ABSTRACT:Based on the example of a training program - economics, the analysis results of common cultural competences of state educational standards on three levels of higher education – bachelor degree, masters and post-graduate courses are presented for the presence of logical inconsistencies of their content, which can cause large-scale negative social phenomena in modern society.

The analysis results of checking the content of these competencies for compliance with requirements imposed by the international community to specialists with higher education in the XXI century are shown. Additions to the content of competencies are proposed that can ensure the unity of Russian educational space and the continuity of basic educational programs, as well as serve as an increase of the competitiveness of Russian universities in the world market of educational and research services, and consolidate Russian high schools on high positions in international rankings.

Keywords:competence, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, transdisciplinary approach.

Reference: Mokiy V.S. Transdisciplinary method of strengthening interdisciplinary synthesis of socio-economic and of humanitarian knowledge. Universum: Social Sciences. 2016, no. 9 (27). Available at:  . (Accessed 28 September 2016). (In Russian).

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