Sustainable Development of Nature and Society in the Context of a Systems Transdisciplinary Paradigm

Theatlas 2019Mokiy Vladimir, Director, Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies (Russia), 2022

Lukyanova Tatiana, Lead specialist, Institute of Transdisciplinary Technologies (Russia), 2022

"Sustainable Development of Nature and Society in the Context of a Systems Transdisciplinary Paradigm"


This paper attempts to substantiate the possibility of planning, forecasting, and managing the sustainable development of modern society. Disciplinary approaches have proven ineffective in addressing the complex issue of sustainable development. As a result, sustainable development turned out to be a group of concepts that reflect an idea that can be formulated in general terms. Therefore, it is important to show the possibility of solving this problem using a special scientific approach that has the necessary theoretical and practical capabilities.

To achieve the goal of the article, a systems transdisciplinary approach was applied. The results of the study allow us to talk about the opening of a “window of opportunity” (2023-2030). These opportunities will allow the leaders of states and state unions to move on to planning, forecasting, and managing sustainable development based on a scientific approach. It is proposed to abandon the expert approach to solving complex problems, based on the intuition and foresight of disciplinary specialists. Instead of an expert approach, it is proposed to use a systems transdisciplinary approach based on the methodology of a scientific discipline - systems transdisciplinarity. In this case, specialists in systems transdisciplinarity (generalists) will strengthen narrow disciplinary specialists in teams involved in solving high-threshold problems.

Keywords: Sustainability, sustainable development, resilience, systems transdisciplinarity, systems thinking.

Reference: Mokiy, V.S., & Lukyanova, T.A. (2022). Sustainable development of nature and society in the context of a systems transdisciplinary paradigm. Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science, 13, Special Issue on Complex Resilience and Sustainability. Transdisciplinary Perspectives, In G. del Cerro Santamaría (Ed.), 15-35.

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