Information on the Time. Systems Transdisciplinary Aspect

7u 1-1-71Мокий Владимир Стефанович, 2021 директор Института трансдисциплинарных технологий

Information on the Time. Systems Transdisciplinary Aspect.

ABSTRACT: This is the second of three articles that introduce readers to models of a systems transdisciplinary approach. The subject of this article is a brief theoretical justification of the systems transdisciplinary model of temporal unit of order, as well as a description of some areas of its practical application. The author represents an alternative view on the problems of time, development of the living through the question of transdisciplinarity.

He develops his statements within the framework of a philosophical metaphorical methodological approach. The author's position offers certain ways for further philosophical discussion. Correlations of forecasts and other original descriptions with accurate historical dates should be taken as methodological approximations. The specific examples and conclusions in the text are largely metaphorical and require a disciplinary approaches for their further interpretation.

Keywords: transdisciplinarity, systems transdisciplinary approach, systems transdisciplinary model of temporal unit of order.

Ссылка для цитирования: Mokiy, V. S. Information on the time. Systems transdisciplinary aspect // Universum: общественные науки : электрон. научн. журн. 2021. 1-2(71).

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